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Days keeps whizzing by

From the crack of dawn

Till the end of the day

Seems filled with fun and laughs

It looks as though

There’s nothing more

I could ever want

All you see is my smile

Not the loneliness hiding below

I try just so hard

Riding up and down

the rollercoaster of life

But I’m always alone

As the sun goes down

I pick up the pieces

and go on home…


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One of my firsts

Alone in the dark

I walked lonely and scared

I came upon a thorny hedge

And I waited for some help in vain

I looked around in despair and I saw before me
A figure of light. She said,

“do not fear for I am with you”

I know not why but I was warmed

And lo! behold! The path before me cleared

As she turned to go, I asked of her,

“who are you?”

She smiled and said,

“I’m hope. And I will forever be in ur heart”

Was all she had to say

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In the valley

Valley so green
Between mountains gray and white
Bathed in the fresh morning sun
Brought a thrill indescribable
Awakening the splendor and beauty
The fiery sun giver of life swirling
To the songs of nature
Seems small and insignificant
amidst the vastness of he sky
Mist creeping in with a mischievous play
Shrouds the beauty
Moon coming out into the inky sky
Cast a pearly glow over everything
Divine but mysteriously so
Birds of light take flight in the sky
To the twinkling sisters above
While the creatures of the day slumber on
Unaware of the beauty around

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Thro’ d eyes of a child

There I lay by my mother’s side
A bundle of cuddly pink charm
I caught my first glimpse of this world
People looming over my head
Filling noise into my ears
Laughing, crying, shouting and all
Suddenly all lights were out
And I cried aloud
Afraid and seeking my mother
Then I felt her warmth
as she cradled me in her arms
I slept in peace with a little wide yawn
For I was safe forever in her love

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Remember this?? :D

Eyes that can see but do not see
Ears that hear but do not hear
As she drones on and off
Trying to teach what she does not know
She tries as hard as us
But falls short in the end
Hoping beyond hope for a rescue
Every passerby seems a chance
As time is our enemy standing still
The minute she leaves
Is the thud of heads on the table
And no one knows more 😀

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I walk along the flowing stream
the tall grass brushing my hand
a lost tone lingering on my lips
as the caressing breeze lifts my hair
with a forgotten face in my sight
i smile gently as i wait
and as the rain comes crashing down
i let my tears flow freely
mingling with the rain

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Hum hai na

Tanhaiyaan duniya se chupaya jaati hai
apno se nai
rote toh aap hai
phir bhi humari ankhen bhar aati hai
le lijiye sari khusiyaan humari
aur apne gham humare naam kar jaiye

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