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Rainbow girl

Life is such a dull brown

Without her in its crown

Her love is so pink

With her you’ll never sink

Purple is her style

It makes the boys hearts beat a mile

She is never green

In orange now she preens

Red hot flares her anger

Beware of the danger

Something yellow bothers her mind

But lets leave that for the future

Her sorrow runs so true

It will leave you feeling blue

She can be the innocent angel in white

Or the fearsome devil clad in black

But her zest for life is a rainbow

But however she is now

We all love her all the while


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Carry on…

i happen to see a funeral procession pass by my home one day…and a few lines stuck in my head…

I see you sitting stoically by

Your hands as they linger lovingly

On the face of a shell

That held the one you held most dear

I see your eyes glistening

As you try to hold back your tears

And as your eyes meet mine

I’m shaken by the grief I behold

Yet even then I know that

As the last rose is thrown down

And your ivory hands clenched so tight

You’ll live on with your steely strength

And quiet dignity

In the memory

Of all that you have lost…

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Days long past…

The majestic walls of the fort

Rose high to shield the rising sun

The silence of the hall

Bearing silent witness

To the loss of all that once was…

D balconies where women

Once stood in their finery

To gaze down upon the worldly sights

The courtyards trembled with

The warriors’ cry and the clash of steel

Rearing up to the next conquest

Amidst the clutter of pans

and the smell of spices roasting

the myriad cooks prepared

the sumptuous feast for the day

The riot of colors the glittering mirrors

on the dancers skirts

As they swayed and twirled

To the cadence of the bard’s voice

The king and the courtiers

in their resplendent attires

Preside over the worldly issues

The tinkle of bells on anklets

The sound of laughter and songs

Rang high and clear

In the passage to the ladies’ wing

The doorways adorned with

Heavy brocades and soft silks

Now lay bare to the eye

The faces painted on the wall

Look sadly on in silence

The last vestige

To the golden age of rule

That once graced these halls

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To my Friends…

This is what i wrote for my friends just before graduation…

Looking like innocent angels

Decked up in brilliant colors

Look closer still and you will see

Our spirits so mischievous shining thro

Brains tuned sharp for studies and for trouble

Imps that we are, always together…

Miss this college, we won’t

But sorely shall we miss

Our seven sweet rascals…

From shopping sprees to assignments due

Exam tensions to eating out

Gossip in class while we write

Performance so outstanding

Our attendance always in lieu

Broken hearts and wedding blues

Laughter abound and tears are few…

As we move on and out of this life

Think of what we were

The Seven angelic imps….

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I lay on my back

With the walls all gray around me

I could see the stars

Thro’ the bars of my window

The door opened as a man walks in

And led me roughly by my frail hand

The people stood watching and waiting

I bent my head and heard

The sound of a blade being sharpened

I heard a cry

As the blade was laid to its hold

The people jeered as I had my moment of regret

Then the fog closed around my vision

And I heard no more….

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Generated poems…lols

The last time I was surfing the net I came upon a site for generated love poems. Now I admit I was curious enough to try it and this is what I got….

Once More, My Love

This night I shall dream of your bedazzling blue hair and jaguar-eyes.

Wrapped in echoes of your mellifluous eyes-music,

I long to sip from your mangoful lips.

In my dreams, we fly on the exquisite winged peppers of greenness — skimming vast continents of lipss and cats.

The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our apples.

Brilliant as Runing Viennas, the seas greet us from afar.

In the twilight we feast on chocolate-coated dogs and tender Venicehearts of love

Adorned in white silk, we pluck our Ohing love chimes from our Cheeks.

I press the Sea that you wear around your neck against my lips-muffin so that our mangos melt into one.

You will always be the jaguar of my own Runing eye of love.

lols…atleast I had a good laugh

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HA HA…I had the last laugh…thank you Tiramisu….mwah!!!

9:30 A.M. Another typical day in the Indian summer. I’m in the kitchen making tiramisu from scratch.

10:00 A.M The pound cake for the base is ready and I’m lazily stirring the coffee mixture over the stove. My dogs sticks his head into the kitchen and gives me his poor little puppy look. I’m a sucker for that. I give him a blob of butter and bodily deposit him outside the door.

10:30 P.M. Made cream cheese. Making tiramisu is starting to look like a Herculanean task. Still I persevere even when I’m starting to think I should have made something simpler…foresight is a real pain!!!

11:00 A.M Finally the cheese mixture is also ready and I’m assembling the Tiramisu (finally!) to strains of ‘What have you done to my kitchen’ my mum in the background.

Dad puts in his bit of wisdom “there’s no way you are going to lose weight!”

I ignore them both and put the finished tiramisu into the fridge to set

4:30 P.M. Time for dad’s evening tea. I plop down two bowls of tiramisu (for mum and dad)They eye it warily as if I’ve served them a ticking time bomb. Honestly!!!

6:00 P.M. I’m reading Da Vinci code for the umpteenth time on the sofa….my parents??? They are scraping the last few pieces of their second helping of Tiramisu…Smug smile!!!

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