To love and be loved…Dramatic sigh

I know ur colors blue
You love ur muddy shoes
Ice cream on a cold rainy day
Cricket matches in the summer
N piping hot tea in the winter
Night out after a long day at work…
Ur eyes are brown
Like warm honey when you laugh
And a deep amber wen ur angry
I love the way you frown
Wen I turn naughty
The tiny wrinkles on ur forehead
The way ur hair falls into ur eyes
N ur grin as u flick them away
I love the way
U laugh me out of my tears
I love the long rides on ur bike at night
The splashing in the rain
The soft candlelight of our dinners
Ur off key serenades
And ur voice
Is the best music I’ve ever heard
I adore the way ur face lights up
At something new that I do
I cant go a day
Without seeing ur eyes glitter
With a million things u wanna say
I’m incomplete
Without u holding me close
Dancing and swaying
To the song on the radio
I love d lil surprises
The spark of ur anger
The cuddling
And those annoying habits of urs
There’s none I cud love more than u
Ur not perfect…but ur my imperfect
And tats all that matters in the end


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