On a winter’s morn

On a fine winter’s morning
My truck broke down on a lonely road
I wandered into a cherry grove
Calling out for a helping hand
There I saw the most beautiful sight
That my eyes had ever held….
Sitting on a rock lost in her world
She was strumming away
The breeze blowing her sun-kissed hair
The strains of guitar filled the air
She looked up as I got closer
A question in her sparkling eyes
I asked for her help
With my heart beating wild
‘Sure’ she said putting down her guitar
She pulled her hair back into a braid
Went down on her knees
And fixed my truck
It was time I said goodbye
But I dint want to leave
I stowed my fear and asked
If I could see her sometime
She nods and waves me away
And it has been four years since
But our love is fresh
Since that fine winter’s day


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