Doggy dreams

With his paws on my knee

As I sit down to pat his head

He tries to reach up to my face

To give me his lick of the day

I pull him up

He looks so like a doll

Wagging his tail

When he meets me by the gate

Licking my face

As I laughingly push him away

I try to teach him manners

As he keeps dozing off

He fetches his ball

And puts it at my feet

Turning his head this way and that

Pleading to toss it for him

He turns the other way

When I tell him to come my way

Looking at me with his

Oh so innocent eyes

When he is up to his tricks of the day

I love to watch his joy

As he chases something all around

His tail or my disappearing shoe lace

I hate the way

He walks over me

Waking me up

In the dead of the night

But one look at him

Panting in my face

Melts my heart

In the hardest of days

There’s nothing sweeter

Than watching him sleep

With a paw resting on my foot


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  1. #1 by mythelenilesvos on May 27, 2010 - 11:09 AM

    i loved the poem. i love dogs too. my dog died a year ago… 😦

    • #2 by hoiden on May 28, 2010 - 2:48 AM

      Thank u 4 reading 🙂
      i really sorry abt ur dog…i cant even imagine my life without my furry lil ‘brother’

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