HA HA…I had the last laugh…thank you Tiramisu….mwah!!!

9:30 A.M. Another typical day in the Indian summer. I’m in the kitchen making tiramisu from scratch.

10:00 A.M The pound cake for the base is ready and I’m lazily stirring the coffee mixture over the stove. My dogs sticks his head into the kitchen and gives me his poor little puppy look. I’m a sucker for that. I give him a blob of butter and bodily deposit him outside the door.

10:30 P.M. Made cream cheese. Making tiramisu is starting to look like a Herculanean task. Still I persevere even when I’m starting to think I should have made something simpler…foresight is a real pain!!!

11:00 A.M Finally the cheese mixture is also ready and I’m assembling the Tiramisu (finally!) to strains of ‘What have you done to my kitchen’ my mum in the background.

Dad puts in his bit of wisdom “there’s no way you are going to lose weight!”

I ignore them both and put the finished tiramisu into the fridge to set

4:30 P.M. Time for dad’s evening tea. I plop down two bowls of tiramisu (for mum and dad)They eye it warily as if I’ve served them a ticking time bomb. Honestly!!!

6:00 P.M. I’m reading Da Vinci code for the umpteenth time on the sofa….my parents??? They are scraping the last few pieces of their second helping of Tiramisu…Smug smile!!!


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