Days long past…

The majestic walls of the fort

Rose high to shield the rising sun

The silence of the hall

Bearing silent witness

To the loss of all that once was…

D balconies where women

Once stood in their finery

To gaze down upon the worldly sights

The courtyards trembled with

The warriors’ cry and the clash of steel

Rearing up to the next conquest

Amidst the clutter of pans

and the smell of spices roasting

the myriad cooks prepared

the sumptuous feast for the day

The riot of colors the glittering mirrors

on the dancers skirts

As they swayed and twirled

To the cadence of the bard’s voice

The king and the courtiers

in their resplendent attires

Preside over the worldly issues

The tinkle of bells on anklets

The sound of laughter and songs

Rang high and clear

In the passage to the ladies’ wing

The doorways adorned with

Heavy brocades and soft silks

Now lay bare to the eye

The faces painted on the wall

Look sadly on in silence

The last vestige

To the golden age of rule

That once graced these halls


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