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Off again for a while

Hey everyone…

Thank u for all ur comments, awards (from jingle)…i have been tied up with a few things n sorry i cudnt reply…plz keep checking out my blog…thank u soooooo much…

i have a couple of exams to complete, so I’ll be away for a while…at least till December…till then hope all of u are well…

PS Dear Jingle, i’ll accept the awards as soon as i get back…thank u:)



Off to see the Wizard!

Hello everyone,

I’m off to Kerala for the onam season and to visit my grandparents…No internet, no computer for 10 whole days…except wen i visit the internet cafe!!!

Yes i’m an addict…n i’m not ashamed of it 🙂

how am i going to survive! dramatic Sigh…fortunately, i’m taking my diary along so i can doodle n put down some verses to brainstorm wen i get back…

for some reason whenever i think of going to my gran’s home, i sing “i’m off to see the wizard” in my mind…

Happy Onam to everyone…for those wondering what the heck onam is…i promise i’ll put up pics and a poem to explain what onam is about…

till then…I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of  er…not Oz…. Byeeeeee…Take care everyone…hope to see you all soon… 🙂

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Game of Life

Its a crazy funny world
Where people put others in pain
for them to stay sane
So you’ve got to stay
Always one step
ahead of the game…
Laugh all you want
Cry till you’re free
Dream till you can’t sleep…
Live for the simplest of things
pushing all your expectations away
But live life for you
and no one else
Chuck away a friend who dumped you
mourn and find another…
There’s nothing more special
than this moment now…
If someone tries to push you around
smile and grow roots
far into the ground
You are stronger than you look
Love like you’ve never loved before
Don’t be afraid of being hurt
Its all part of being Human
All part of the game called Life

This one is for Jingle’s Thursday Rally 🙂


Nobody’s Angel (for UDPS)

Lightning flash

Pouring rain

Steeped in the shadows of the night

I walk upon the cobbled street

Unmindful of the cold

That has long ago

Seeped into my bones

The steady stream washes away

The blood from my hands

They leer at me

As I step thro’ the door

And cry and plead

As I pull out my gun

I feel no mercy

For these dregs of the society

They say I look like an angel

So sweet and so pure

But the fact remains

That I’m so cold

I’m Nobody’s Angel

this is my first poem for Undead Poets Society…hope u like it…

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A glimpse of heaven

A week ago:

It was evening and mum and i went upstairs to take the clothes,which had been  hung out to dry on the line. but this is what we spent half an hour admiring

what does it look like????

the light shining down...

Cap on a cloud...

the vibgyor...

the silver lining to being stuck at home with nothing to do is that i’ve started appreciating the finer points of nature…very zen!!!

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Generated poems…lols

The last time I was surfing the net I came upon a site for generated love poems. Now I admit I was curious enough to try it and this is what I got….

Once More, My Love

This night I shall dream of your bedazzling blue hair and jaguar-eyes.

Wrapped in echoes of your mellifluous eyes-music,

I long to sip from your mangoful lips.

In my dreams, we fly on the exquisite winged peppers of greenness — skimming vast continents of lipss and cats.

The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our apples.

Brilliant as Runing Viennas, the seas greet us from afar.

In the twilight we feast on chocolate-coated dogs and tender Venicehearts of love

Adorned in white silk, we pluck our Ohing love chimes from our Cheeks.

I press the Sea that you wear around your neck against my lips-muffin so that our mangos melt into one.

You will always be the jaguar of my own Runing eye of love.

lols…atleast I had a good laugh

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HA HA…I had the last laugh…thank you Tiramisu….mwah!!!

9:30 A.M. Another typical day in the Indian summer. I’m in the kitchen making tiramisu from scratch.

10:00 A.M The pound cake for the base is ready and I’m lazily stirring the coffee mixture over the stove. My dogs sticks his head into the kitchen and gives me his poor little puppy look. I’m a sucker for that. I give him a blob of butter and bodily deposit him outside the door.

10:30 P.M. Made cream cheese. Making tiramisu is starting to look like a Herculanean task. Still I persevere even when I’m starting to think I should have made something simpler…foresight is a real pain!!!

11:00 A.M Finally the cheese mixture is also ready and I’m assembling the Tiramisu (finally!) to strains of ‘What have you done to my kitchen’ my mum in the background.

Dad puts in his bit of wisdom “there’s no way you are going to lose weight!”

I ignore them both and put the finished tiramisu into the fridge to set

4:30 P.M. Time for dad’s evening tea. I plop down two bowls of tiramisu (for mum and dad)They eye it warily as if I’ve served them a ticking time bomb. Honestly!!!

6:00 P.M. I’m reading Da Vinci code for the umpteenth time on the sofa….my parents??? They are scraping the last few pieces of their second helping of Tiramisu…Smug smile!!!

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