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Game of Life

Its a crazy funny world
Where people put others in pain
for them to stay sane
So you’ve got to stay
Always one step
ahead of the game…
Laugh all you want
Cry till you’re free
Dream till you can’t sleep…
Live for the simplest of things
pushing all your expectations away
But live life for you
and no one else
Chuck away a friend who dumped you
mourn and find another…
There’s nothing more special
than this moment now…
If someone tries to push you around
smile and grow roots
far into the ground
You are stronger than you look
Love like you’ve never loved before
Don’t be afraid of being hurt
Its all part of being Human
All part of the game called Life

This one is for Jingle’s Thursday Rally 🙂



He hops in glee on tiny toes

The wind hoping to carry him offshore

He dances in and out

Slippery in the catchers hands

His ginger beard tickles his tummy

As he claps his hand

And clicks his heels in glee

His shrewd green eyes gleam

As he behold the safety

Of his pot of gold

The leprechaun

With his pointed hat

And grass green clothes

A walking legend under the rainbow

my contribution for Poets United

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Swirling Sands

The sand swirling around

stretches for miles

the heat beating mercilessly down

with no relief in sight

Little bits of green

Struggle to poke thro’ the ground

A lonely snake

Swims across the sands

As a tribe of Bedouin

Travel proudly by

When night falls

The critters start their melody

As the cold winds silently creeps by

The brilliant moon suspended

In the clear sky

Throws light upon

the arid beauty of the desert

Lying uncovered and vast

this is my contribution for One Shot Wednesday, hosted by Adam Dustus this week!

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The Gargoyle

Dark storm clouds

fly across the raven sky

The stony stare

Hidden in the dark

The crooked back

Bent over the edge

The gnarly claws

Holding onto the base

There sits the guardian

Atop the tower

The bell chimes the hour

And still he sits unmoving

Uncaring of the rain

Passing his cold stony lips


The Huntress

Lurking in the tall wild grass

Hardly a sound

As she seeks her target…

Seen from above,

She’s moving closer

To the herd grazing beyond.

She makes her choice

And the chase begins

The scattered hoofs

In fear and confusion


For a lonesome buck

Sands of time have run out

She circles her prey and springs

A moment suspended in time

Her beautiful feline body

All sinewy and grace

She catches hold tight

Till at last the prey surrenders

To her mighty jaws

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