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The Simple things

This is one of my first poems that I shared with my friends…they loved it so much…now I’m sharing this with you…hope you like it:)

Its not the bigger things that count

You might buy me expensive jewelry

But I would rather

Share a moment with you

Watching the setting sun

It’s the simple things about you

That I count as treasures

A smile as I wake you up

Yawning and stretching

The kisses at odd times

The way you brush away my tears

Your voice with a hint of a laugh

As you see me pout

The mischievous winks and smiles

When nobody’s watching

The way you creep up

and hug me as I cook

The silly little arguments

The silence as we walk by the beach

Just the two of us

In our very own world

Together today and for eternity


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I hold you close

N lean upon u

I feel d weight

of ur head on mine

The thump of ur heart

Against my ear

I look into ur eyes

As u whisper In my ear

And I feel myself

Falling in love

all over again

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Steals my breath away

When you put your arms around me

And look deep into my face

My pulse starts to race

Just as the sight of you

Steals  my breath away

I ponder the words you say to me

But I can see

That’s not all you wished to say

Your warm breath

As you whisper in my ear

Takes the chill away

I keep thinking of you

Every moment that you’re away

I’ve opened my heart

And welcomed you to stay

Now all you have to do

Is just be here to make my day

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On pre wedding thoughts!!!

Every tick of the clock

and its getting so near

The beat of my heart

Echoes furiously in my ear

I’m so nervous

That I wanna run away

I’m thinking,…maybe…

Its not yet the day

But my feet are carrying me

To be by your side

I look up worrying

But then I see your smile

And suddenly it feels so right

To make you mine

I give you my hand

As I’ve given you my heart

To hold and cherish

all thro’ our lives

And when we step down

I’m dancing in your arms

To the beginning of a brand new song

I feel so complete

Now that I’m finally yours…

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Last Stage

we hold hands as we cross the shore
we watched the sunset by the door
as we have countless times before
with our children
building castles in the sand
just as we taught them
to build their dreams
till it was time for them
to hold their own..
we walked thro’ all the fights and frowns
and we are here
back at the beginning
just the two of us
holding hands
under the setting sun
till its time for us
to exit the last stage

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To love and be loved…Dramatic sigh

I know ur colors blue
You love ur muddy shoes
Ice cream on a cold rainy day
Cricket matches in the summer
N piping hot tea in the winter
Night out after a long day at work…
Ur eyes are brown
Like warm honey when you laugh
And a deep amber wen ur angry
I love the way you frown
Wen I turn naughty
The tiny wrinkles on ur forehead
The way ur hair falls into ur eyes
N ur grin as u flick them away
I love the way
U laugh me out of my tears
I love the long rides on ur bike at night
The splashing in the rain
The soft candlelight of our dinners
Ur off key serenades
And ur voice
Is the best music I’ve ever heard
I adore the way ur face lights up
At something new that I do
I cant go a day
Without seeing ur eyes glitter
With a million things u wanna say
I’m incomplete
Without u holding me close
Dancing and swaying
To the song on the radio
I love d lil surprises
The spark of ur anger
The cuddling
And those annoying habits of urs
There’s none I cud love more than u
Ur not perfect…but ur my imperfect
And tats all that matters in the end

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How guys feel before proposing…well maybe

The bright ray of sun
Casting you aglow
By the shadow of he sycamore tree
The lilting sound of your voice
And the sweet sound of your laugh
Carried by the gentle breeze
fell upon my ears….
I saw my first glimpse of you
As I turned around
I knew in my heart
That there was no one else
With whom I’d rather be
I remember your sweet smile
As I made my way
To be by your side..
The question in your eyes
With every step I grew closer..
My heart willed to break free
And I took a stop and pulled a breath
And with a smile on my lips
And a song in my heart
I walked over right to you
Clasped your hands
And sealed our fate
Leaving me forever the happier….

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