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Off to see the Wizard!

Hello everyone,

I’m off to Kerala for the onam season and to visit my grandparents…No internet, no computer for 10 whole days…except wen i visit the internet cafe!!!

Yes i’m an addict…n i’m not ashamed of it 🙂

how am i going to survive! dramatic Sigh…fortunately, i’m taking my diary along so i can doodle n put down some verses to brainstorm wen i get back…

for some reason whenever i think of going to my gran’s home, i sing “i’m off to see the wizard” in my mind…

Happy Onam to everyone…for those wondering what the heck onam is…i promise i’ll put up pics and a poem to explain what onam is about…

till then…I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of  er…not Oz…. Byeeeeee…Take care everyone…hope to see you all soon… 🙂


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A glimpse of heaven

A week ago:

It was evening and mum and i went upstairs to take the clothes,which had been  hung out to dry on the line. but this is what we spent half an hour admiring

what does it look like????

the light shining down...

Cap on a cloud...

the vibgyor...

the silver lining to being stuck at home with nothing to do is that i’ve started appreciating the finer points of nature…very zen!!!

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Remember this?? :D

Eyes that can see but do not see
Ears that hear but do not hear
As she drones on and off
Trying to teach what she does not know
She tries as hard as us
But falls short in the end
Hoping beyond hope for a rescue
Every passerby seems a chance
As time is our enemy standing still
The minute she leaves
Is the thud of heads on the table
And no one knows more 😀

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