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To a friend


quite a difficult task

ive been given

n yet i strive

to please a spl frnd

n so he says to tell all things untrue

to make him happy

tats all i can do

n so i tink of wat i can say

but truth be said

i’m lyin if i say

he’s a very ordinary guy

for i have not met one lyk him so far…

People misjudge as attitude

The silence he wears as a mask

Till he rips it off

N u cant help but wonder

if it was the same person

All that show of being tough

Doesnt hide his sensitive heart

That hurts over a tear shed

He has all the girls swooning over him

Or so he says…:)

All the crazy lines he tells

Brings a smile on anyone’s face

Someone you can tell anything to

And trust him to be there for you

Quite a poet with a flair for languages

He loves to eat chicken

And enjoys calling my friend hyderabadi chicken

He adores his little niece

And spoils her as much as he scolds her

The brat of the house

But the well loved last son

The ace snooker player of Salem

He has many titles

But schizo is the one he loves 😉

I Can go on n on

But that’s it for now


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To my Friends…

This is what i wrote for my friends just before graduation…

Looking like innocent angels

Decked up in brilliant colors

Look closer still and you will see

Our spirits so mischievous shining thro

Brains tuned sharp for studies and for trouble

Imps that we are, always together…

Miss this college, we won’t

But sorely shall we miss

Our seven sweet rascals…

From shopping sprees to assignments due

Exam tensions to eating out

Gossip in class while we write

Performance so outstanding

Our attendance always in lieu

Broken hearts and wedding blues

Laughter abound and tears are few…

As we move on and out of this life

Think of what we were

The Seven angelic imps….

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Planning behind my back
Putting on a poker face
until the moment i was on stage
a grin split ur lips
and u shout out a deafening
surprise and a wish
i hug you close
reaching out for all
with my arms wide open
being with u all
brought a joy greater than
the cake on my face
or the presents on the tabletop
i was happy
not just for the surprise
but for the reason that
u all cared 🙂

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Hum hai na

Tanhaiyaan duniya se chupaya jaati hai
apno se nai
rote toh aap hai
phir bhi humari ankhen bhar aati hai
le lijiye sari khusiyaan humari
aur apne gham humare naam kar jaiye

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