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This is my post for one-shot wednesday…hosted by Pete Marshall this week…

sorry this poem is kind of long…but hope you  like it…


The first time I held you

In the crook of my arm

My little pink bundle

You let out a yawn

And I thought you were

The prettiest baby there was

When you were toothing

You would chew my chain

And sleep with your head on my shoulder

When you could crawl

You looked up at your dad

And trailed him everywhere

When you came down with a fever

You would cry and scream for me

To stay by your side till you sleep

I can picture your warm brown eyes

And your sunny summer frock

As you look guiltily up at me

Covered from head to toe in mud

I think of your pigtails swinging

As you chase the butterflies

And I smile thro’ the kitchen window

As you laugh and dance around

You turn at the school gates

And looked worriedly at me

I smile and wave you on

When in my heart

I’m as worried as you are

I soothe you thro your tears

When your heart is broken

for the very first time

I wished that I could hit

The boy who had hurt my child

I wipe a tear and clap so hard

As you hold your degree high

Smiling widely in your graduation robes

One day after work,

You stand at the kitchen door

I know there is something

You’d like to tell Dad and me

The doorbell rings

And a tall handsome man enters

If we would agree, this is my groom

You say…I glance apprehensively at your father

Then I look into your man’s eyes

I see his love for you shining there

And then I hug you and smile thro’ my tears

My baby is all grown up

4 years later

My baby chases her own little one

And I look back to the day

To see a child with flying pigtails

And one day

When I grow old and die

You would cry by my graveside

But here I am

Standing by yours

My arms feel so empty

And my heart is so heavy

As I think of what could have been

And I give you up

A day after you were born


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Nobody’s Angel (for UDPS)

Lightning flash

Pouring rain

Steeped in the shadows of the night

I walk upon the cobbled street

Unmindful of the cold

That has long ago

Seeped into my bones

The steady stream washes away

The blood from my hands

They leer at me

As I step thro’ the door

And cry and plead

As I pull out my gun

I feel no mercy

For these dregs of the society

They say I look like an angel

So sweet and so pure

But the fact remains

That I’m so cold

I’m Nobody’s Angel

this is my first poem for Undead Poets Society…hope u like it…

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the Flickering Candle

The candle light flickered in the wind, half heartedly staying on. There is no sound from the expansive halls where once it was filled with clanking of bangles, tinkle of anklets,  laughter over a joke said, shouts of children playing in the hall, the footsteps of servants running errands. All that was till a week ago. The hall lay empty and barren, the two old souls were all that is left of the days of the old.

The house had been sold. The house was to be demolished as soon as night passes. Then they will have to leave. Leave where he had been born. Leave the only place she knew after her marriage. The home where their children and their children’s children were birthed and made their homes.

They had their share now. Nobody cared about the old structure of bricks and stone and the two lost souls. Lost in thoughts and grief, they leaned back in their chairs in the veranda. The candle gave a final splutter and died.

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Yearning for peace

D mighty boom of the cannons

rent d air

grounds tat were once so lush and green

lay barren and gray

crimson pools spread abt

filled perennially

by d blood flowg off human bdies

So much is lost

but to  gain what?

Till death they are d patriots of the country

after death what is the difference

between friend and foe

the grief of human loss is d same

across borders and beliefs

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She smiles as they laugh around

But her beautiful eyes remain

Endless pools of sadness

They call themselves her friends

Yet they do not see

Past her confidence

That masks the hurt underneath

She catches me staring at her

And she gives me a smile

The same sad smile

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Amina was dead. Amina with her twinkling brown eyes, soft smile and gentle ways, was dead.

Killed by my brother to save the family’s honor when she tried to run away with the neighbor’s son Khalid.

Abba clapped Afsal, my oldest brother on his shoulder. I did not understand why my sister had to die. I remember Abba preaching that good Muslims did not kill unless the cause was holy. What is unholy about loving someone and wanting to be someone’s wife. Amina had to marry someday. Why couldn’t it be to someone she knew and loved.

My thoughts have been muddled ever since Afsal rushed into the house this morning and furiously told Abba that Amina had dishonored the family by running away with Khalid but Afsal had caught them with his friends. Abba had turned so silent then he told Afsal to save the family’s honor.

Afsal returned with the police in handcuffs. Abba embraced him and said he was proud of him.

I’m standing with my family in the veranda after the police took Afsal away . I watch Abba’s stern profile as he sees his once beloved daughter’s belongings being hauled out to be burnt with her body in the morning. I wonder at the difference in Abba’s thoughts. Amina was his favorite as I was my mother’s. there was never a moment when Amina was not by his side-laughing, talking, fetching things for him. Amina the child he loved the most. The same child he had killed by sending his son, when she had fallen in love with someone his honor wouldn’t approve of.

I nod and give a last look at my sister’s things before I walk into the room I shared with Amina just the night before.

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No more…

In the darkness of the night

As I lay my head on my pillow

And the memories rush thro my head

I have no tears left to shed

For I have cried all I could

And said all that I should

Now all I can give

Is a twinge of my heart

And no more

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